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Our art program provides youth with the opportunity to create colorful expressions through various modalities. Drawing, painting, and unique crafts are constructed weekly and may be taken home or showcased in our bi-annual Gallery 4 Good exhibits. 


This unique theatrical program allows youth the opportunity to enhance their acting skills while increasing self-esteem, promoting teamwork, and expanding communication skills. Groups design and construct classic plays over a series of weeks, accumulating in one outstanding performance which is then showcased through our Acting 4 Action events. 


Our literary program provides youth with a place to express their creativity and let their stories shine. Each week we come together to  select a unique literary theme and share our work in an encouraging group setting. From poetry, to fiction, narrative, and beyond, we seek to explore the possibilities within the world and our imaginations. 


The music program provides youth with an opportunity to explore and showcase their musical talents. Through the use of instruments, movement, and vocal exercises participants gain confidence, channel emotions, and learn to transform their negative experiences into artistic expressions. 

Coming Soon: Community Programs


Acting 4 Action

Theater, holiday choir performances, and talent shows may be open to the public and encourage advocacy efforts while 100% of donations will help fund our organization and outreach programs. 

Gallery 4 Good

Galleries are exhibited throughout the community in order to  instill a sense of accomplishment, hope, and determination in our youth.

Kids 4 Kids

We have partnered with All Children's Hospital to bring Kids 4 Kids to the community. Each year our children will gift their uplifting artwork to children at ACH. Not only does this enforce a sense of pride and community in our children, but it provides hope and joy to those children who may be suffering. 



Special Thanks

Creative World School

For the collection and donation of arts and craft supplies. 

Megan Russell

For your donation of $20.00 to help buy program supplies. 

Devan Keane

For your donation of $50.00 to help fund our start-up costs.

Calista Dumont

For your donation of $25.00 that will help buy art supplies for our youth.

Heartwood Retreat Center

For hosting fundraisers that have allowed us to raise over $250.00 in donations. 

Unity Southshore Spiritual Life Center

For your charitable contribution to our organization through the collection of donations. 

Special Thanks Continued

Center for Spiritual Living

For your donation of over $260.00  that will benefit youth in our summer programs. 

Spirit-Filled Women

For your time, volunteer efforts, and your supply donations. 

Help Our Cause

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions. Your generous donation will fund our mission.

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